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Lateral Entry?

Hi everyone!  Im new here and considering entering in to the teaching profession.  I have spent the last 2 years of my life working with adults with developmental disabilities as a job coach.  My husband and I recently relocated to my hometown and I am very jobless.  I attempted to give a thirty days notice at my previous place of employment, but they told me to go home that day. *grumble*

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology with a minor in Psychology from Appalachian State University.  I find it funny that it is basically a TEACHING college and I never seriously considered teaching until AFTER I had graduated.  I remember some of the wonderful teachers that I had growing up and I would love to make the same difference in the lives of our youth.

I have many questions!!  Thank you to all who can help me out on this matter!

First of all, where do I begin? Who should I contact?

I am torn between teaching younger children (Im thinking 3rd-4th grade) or a specific area in a high school setting.  Im open to anything but math!  My husband in the math minded one in our marriage, being a physics major / math minor.  I however have trouble with numbers!  Do you fine folks have an opinion on your class levels?  Pros and Cons?

Ive heard mixed opinion on whether or not I would be required to take the Praxis.  Is it as bad as people keep telling me?

Am I hemmed into teaching Sociology due to my degree?

Im sure I will think of more in the light of day!  Thank you all for your assistance!
Hopefully I will be able to remain a member of this community as a fellow teacher!
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