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"I Hate Reading" solutions.

So, I'm teaching this Appreciation of Lit class. Today, when we were doing intros, about 75% of my class stated they hate reading. Now, they really didn't have the chance to CHOOSE this class -- my school is so small and has so few elective offerings that this class is simply the one that worked with their schedule.

Silly me -- didn't take this into much consideration. I just heard "elective" and figured MOST kids would have SOME interest. And there are a few kids in there who are jazzed about the class.

I have freshman to seniors in there, btw. *sigh*! I need some ideas on how to teach Appreciation of Lit to ardent non-readers. I'm thinking of a Lit Circle approach, but so much depends on their lotivation to READ THE NOVEL, and I'm worried about it. Oh, and the small fact that this would be my inaugural tryout of Lit Circles.

I'll take anything I can get, frankly. Are there drugs? Can I give a Ulovereadingectomy?
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