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First Day of School

Hey, all. I'm new here, but not new to many.

So, first day of school? Mine was today -- 1/2 day, thank dog. Nice segue into the school year. We lost our principal and our old VP is now interim Principal -- probably will be permanant. I like him a lot. Our new VP hasn't taught(!!!) She was an art therapist, so I'm curious to see how she will go. She seems a pleasant enough person, and I'm withholding judgement.

So what's everyone teaching? I teach high school English. I have two new-to-me classes: Senior English and Appreciation of Lit. I also teach Freshman English. I teach at a charter school, so I teach ALL the seniors, and ALL the freshmen.

Stuff I'm teaching:

Edith Hamilton's Mythology
Speak -- Laurie Halse Anderson
Romeo and Juliet
In the Time of the Butterflies -- Julia Alvarez
Always Running: Mi Vida Loca, Life in L.A, Gang -- Luis Rodriguez
The Odyssey - Homer
Candide -- Voltaire
Haunting of Hill House -- Shirley Jackson
Bastard Out of Carolina -- Dorothy Allison
The House of the Spirits -- Isabel Allende
The Great Gatsby -- F. Scott Fitzgerald
Frankenstein -- Mary Wollenstonecraft Shelley
Oedipus Rex -- Sophocles
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